Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Fresh Start

Ok, it's time for me to whip this blog back into shape. I have neglected it shamefully for over two months and I have no excuse. The problem was, I was basically only posting my Bewitched outfit posts and if I didn't watch an episode and take screenshots of all of Sam's clothes, well, I just didn't have anything to post! And posting an episode everyday make it difficult to keep up, especially if I'm wanting to watch other TV shows in addition to movies for my movie blog. So, here is how things are going to be on THIS blog:

On Sundays I will post a Quote of the Week. Since I am re-watching the first four seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore show they will probably mostly be quotes by Rhoda Morgenstern.

On Mondays I will share a photo of a Classic TV Star or a Behind-the-Scenes photo from a Classic TV show.

On Tuesdays I will spotlight a room from a Classic TV set, for example, the Steven's living room, Tabitha's bedroom, etc. Doing one room at a time will be easier than trying to post an entire house.

The rest of the week will be regular posts (aka hopefully I'll start watching Bewitched again).

On the first of the month I want to highlight a book about Classic Television, whether it be a biography of a TV star or one about television shows in general.