Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman V Superman: TV Edition

Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the release of Batman V Superman today by showing old comics movies. I thought I would share a few TV/cartoon videos with you.

The 1960s Batman TV show is the only Batman I have seen, and my favorite. Adam West IS Batman. Burt Ward IS Robin. I keep hoping to one day be able to afford all three seasons on dvd. I also want the Ken and Barbie that was made recently but I highly doubt I'll ever get them... Na na na na na na na na Batman!
POW!    ZAP!    BANG!

I saw Man of Steel (2013) I theaters mainly because I like Henry Cavill. The movie was good but could have been better. I wish Cavill would have had more dialogue rather than just destroy a city... So, I highly doubt I will shell out ten bucks to go see the sequel in theaters. I'll just wait till it comes to Redbox. I'd rather watch the old 1940s Superman cartoons anyway...

The Mad Scientist

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bewitched S1 E10: Just One Happy Family

Air Date: November 19, 1964

Episode Description: Samantha's warlock father learns she is married and drops by to meet Darrin. What he doesn't know is that Darrin is a mortal.

Sam wears the dress from episodes 3,4 & 6. The TV repair man tries to gyp Sam, unsuccessfully.

Sweater and slacks from episode 8.
A complete look at the dress worn in episode 7. First episode with Samantha's warlock father, Maurice, played by Maurice Evans.

A look at the back of the dress.

White pumps complete the look.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bewitched S1 E9: The Girl Reporter

Air Date: November 12, 1964

Episode Description: A college student interviews Darrin. Her boyfriend becomes jealous.

Sam wearing what appears to be the dress we glimpsed at the beginning of episode 6

Wearing the matching floral separates from episodes 3 & 7.

And the robe from episodes 5 & 6.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Bewitched S1 E8: Witch or Wife

Air Date: November 5, 1964

Episode Description: Darrin is stuck with a heavy workload while Larry is away on business. A bored Samantha goes against her better judgment and goes to lunch with Endora... in Paris. While they are there they run into Larry and Louise (first appearance in the show). When Darrin finds out he thinks Samantha may be happier without him.

Sam getting out the dress first worn in episode 3 for dinner with Darrin.

Elizabeth Montgomery makes even an ordinary bathrobe glamorous.

What you wear when your husband can't make it to dinner after all. This robe was first worn in episode 6.

Reading a note pinned to Darrin's pillow. This negligee has delicate ruffles and a gathered bustline (I'm sure there's a name for it but I don't know it).

V-neck sweater and slacks (I wonder if this is one of the tops worn is season 3 that we have seen so far?)

These photos shows the detailing on the sweater (pretty sure it's the same one).

Here's another photo that looks like it may be the same sweater so I think it is safe to say the above sweater is beige.

Attending a fashion show in Paris. Note how the ribbon tie on the top threads behind the pockets. Hat and gloves required.

A better look at the hat and the material of the top and skirt.
This outfit was also featured on the cover of TV in a golden color.

Strapless two-tone evening gown with matching stole and beading detail.

Tweed skirt and collarless jacket (I see it in a pale pink like this skirt and jacket in pink eggshell from Really Wild Clothing shown below). Worn with a white top. Note the double pockets. The colorized version has it yellow with an aqua green trim.
I leave you with some advice from Endora (sitting on top of a plane).

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bewitched S1 E7: The Witches Are Out

Air Date: October 29, 1964

Episode Description: Sam protests when Darrin draws an ugly witch for his campaign.

A clear look at the floral separates from episode 3.

A floral shirtwaist dress with sweater. Note the detail on the placket.

A closer look at the print.

We just barely glimpse this nightgown. It has an empire waist with tie, cap sleeves, and embroidery on the bust.

A satin trimmed chiffon robe. This is it's first of many appearances.

Another dress we just get a glimpse of. It has a fabulous collar.

We don't get a full view of this dress either. It has a draped back and a large bow at the bustline. I imagine it in a pale pink.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bewitched S1 E6: Little Pitchers Have Big Fears

Air Date: October 22, 1964

Episode Description: Sam befriends a boy with an over-protective mother and helps him get on the baseball team.

 Just a glimpse of this outfit. Note the floral pattern on the edge of her apron.

 Sam wears this dress from episodes 3 & 4 again.

 Does this kid look familiar? Nope, he's not the Beaver. The part of Marshall Burns is played by Jerry Mather's younger brother, Jimmy.

The robe from the previous episode. 

 Sweater and skirt with print blouse.

 A better look at the print.

 I just love the way Sam does her eyes! And those eyebrows!

 A more practical robe from the ones Sam usually wears. It is floor length.

Cute tweed skirt with blouse and jacket. The picture with her hurrying off the field shows her flats.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Bewitched S1 E5: Help, Help, Don't Save Me

Air Date: October 15, 1964

Episode Description: Darrin rejects a campaign idea of Sam's because he thinks she used witchcraft.

The first of many appearances this negligee will make (we've seen it previously here in season 3 episodes 6 and 17). Note the lace-trimmed nightgown underneath.

Sometimes a closet, but this time a bathroom - with shower! The study set later doubled for Tabitha's nursery.

This mid-century modern chair is all kinds of awesome!

You can learn more about Wegner's furniture here.

Sam's "sexiest" dress.

I wonder if we'll see Sam wear this beaded sweater?

First appearance of Sam's witch "uniform."

Love the collar on this dress.

Sam wore this coat in episode 2.