Monday, December 21, 2015

Bewitched S3 E10: I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight

Air Date: November 17, 1966

Episode Description: Darrin and Samantha have an argument about an orange plaid sports coat of Darrin's that Sam gave away. The Tate's try to counsel them and make things worse.

 Sky blue 3-quarter sleeve top with jeans/dark blue wash slacks.

Great olive two-piece suit with rounded collar and jacket hem. Paired with white accessories. Note that the buttons on the jacket end below the bust line. Louise's yellow suit is very chic too.

Darrin looking at the aqua and lime green peignoir we see Samantha wear numerous times throughout the series. She also has it in pink. It is a Lucie Ann Gold Label pom pom chiffon robe and came in many colors, including pale yellow, blue, white, peach, and lavender. There are some for sale on Etsy between $325-$589 (not in Sam's colors though).

 Creamy white shirt and red slacks.

Samantha is wearing the black version of these shoes we have seen previously. This is from a promotional shot.

Pink floral negligee with olive green velvet bow at waist.
This negligee is also worn by Eva Gabor in an episode of Green Acres!

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