Friday, December 25, 2015

Bewitched S4 E16: Humbug Not to be Spoken Here

Since there is no Christmas episode in season 3, here is one from season 4.

Air Date: December 21, 1967

Episode Description: Samantha takes Darrin's client on a trip very similar to that of A Christmas Carol.

Trying to decide where the tree should go in dark red V-neck top with shiny black slacks.

 With a twitch of your nose you can see how the tree looks anywhere!
 Hand me some more tinsel honey!

  Light green jumpsuit with gold disc belt and brooch.

 Sam's witch dress gets updated with some festive glitter.

Santa's workshop - these reindeer are AMAZING!!!! 

Turquoise and green nightie 

 This is one of my favorite outfits. It is a perfect Christmas morning ensemble! Turquoise print jumpsuit with attached panel (reminiscent of the hostess pants of the 50s). Love the gold glitter flats!

 Some better views
Here is a 1960s pattern I found that is somewhat similar and Barbie's Dinner at Eight.

 Collar and print detail
Christmas table
Great behind the scenes photo with Darrin in his Santa outfit and those reindeer!!

And another one with the whole "family."

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