Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bewitched S3 E8: Dangerous Diaper Dan

Air Date: November 3, 1966
Episode Description: Diaper Dan gives Tabitha a rattle - that's bugged! Darrin's ideas keep being stolen by a rival advertising agency.
Light green sleeveless top and gray plaid slacks.

Deep aqua, green, and olive print (knee length) dress with short sleeves and ribbon tie at waist.

Sam also wears the pink dress with the lime green accents from episode 6.

I had to include Endora reading Harpies Bazarre :)

Dark pink short-sleeve top with gray plaid slacks.

Light blue long sleeve shirt with V-neck and sky blue slacks.

Red long sleeve top with interesting design on it (!) and red slacks. Not Sam's best look ;)

This dress was also worn in episode 6 (and again in 11). I tried to capture a better facial expression but I was mainly trying to get the glass.

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