Monday, March 14, 2016

Bewitched S1 E8: Witch or Wife

Air Date: November 5, 1964

Episode Description: Darrin is stuck with a heavy workload while Larry is away on business. A bored Samantha goes against her better judgment and goes to lunch with Endora... in Paris. While they are there they run into Larry and Louise (first appearance in the show). When Darrin finds out he thinks Samantha may be happier without him.

Sam getting out the dress first worn in episode 3 for dinner with Darrin.

Elizabeth Montgomery makes even an ordinary bathrobe glamorous.

What you wear when your husband can't make it to dinner after all. This robe was first worn in episode 6.

Reading a note pinned to Darrin's pillow. This negligee has delicate ruffles and a gathered bustline (I'm sure there's a name for it but I don't know it).

V-neck sweater and slacks (I wonder if this is one of the tops worn is season 3 that we have seen so far?)

These photos shows the detailing on the sweater (pretty sure it's the same one).

Here's another photo that looks like it may be the same sweater so I think it is safe to say the above sweater is beige.

Attending a fashion show in Paris. Note how the ribbon tie on the top threads behind the pockets. Hat and gloves required.

A better look at the hat and the material of the top and skirt.
This outfit was also featured on the cover of TV in a golden color.

Strapless two-tone evening gown with matching stole and beading detail.

Tweed skirt and collarless jacket (I see it in a pale pink like this skirt and jacket in pink eggshell from Really Wild Clothing shown below). Worn with a white top. Note the double pockets. The colorized version has it yellow with an aqua green trim.
I leave you with some advice from Endora (sitting on top of a plane).

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