Friday, March 11, 2016

Bewitched S1 E5: Help, Help, Don't Save Me

Air Date: October 15, 1964

Episode Description: Darrin rejects a campaign idea of Sam's because he thinks she used witchcraft.

The first of many appearances this negligee will make (we've seen it previously here in season 3 episodes 6 and 17). Note the lace-trimmed nightgown underneath.

Sometimes a closet, but this time a bathroom - with shower! The study set later doubled for Tabitha's nursery.

This mid-century modern chair is all kinds of awesome!

You can learn more about Wegner's furniture here.

Sam's "sexiest" dress.

I wonder if we'll see Sam wear this beaded sweater?

First appearance of Sam's witch "uniform."

Love the collar on this dress.

Sam wore this coat in episode 2.

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