Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman V Superman: TV Edition

Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the release of Batman V Superman today by showing old comics movies. I thought I would share a few TV/cartoon videos with you.

The 1960s Batman TV show is the only Batman I have seen, and my favorite. Adam West IS Batman. Burt Ward IS Robin. I keep hoping to one day be able to afford all three seasons on dvd. I also want the Ken and Barbie that was made recently but I highly doubt I'll ever get them... Na na na na na na na na Batman!
POW!    ZAP!    BANG!

I saw Man of Steel (2013) I theaters mainly because I like Henry Cavill. The movie was good but could have been better. I wish Cavill would have had more dialogue rather than just destroy a city... So, I highly doubt I will shell out ten bucks to go see the sequel in theaters. I'll just wait till it comes to Redbox. I'd rather watch the old 1940s Superman cartoons anyway...

The Mad Scientist

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