Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bewitched S1 E2: Be It Ever So Mortgaged

Air Date:  September 24, 1964

Episode Description: Darrin and Samantha buy a house. Gladys Kravitz's troubles begin.

Trivia: This episode was completed along with the next five episodes on 11th September 1964. The episodes were all filmed previously, and Elizabeth Montgomery had just came back from maternity leave to fill in the spaces where Samantha should be.

Hooked on Houses has a great post on the Stevens home as it appears in season 1.

Note the burnt toast and spilled cream on the table. This 'mortal' business isn't too easy for Sam.

[first lines]
Narrator: Here you see the average, normal, suburban housewife in one of her daily routine tasks: Preparing breakfast for her husband. With a modern kitchen and all conveniences at her disposal, the capable housewife moves efficiently through her tasks. Of course, sometimes there are problems, especially if your husband expects breakfast ready before he goes to work. But that's no problem for the average, normal suburban housewife, if she happens to be a witch.

This is the first episode we see the iconic heart necklace. The white gold diamond pave heart was a gift from her husband (and director of Bewitched), William Asher. It was lost during season 3 (ep. 27) and replaced a few episodes later with a rhinestone copy on a slightly longer chain (source).

Agnes Moorehead was chosen to play Endora after a chance meeting with Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher at a Bloomingdale's department store.

Samantha was in mid-turn so I cropped off her face.

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