Friday, January 8, 2016

Bewitched S3 E27: The Crone of Cawdor

Air Date: March 16, 1967

Episode Description: Samantha warns Darrin not to kiss his very pretty client who just happens to be an old crone that steals youth from those she kisses. Darrin is of course angry that Samantha thinks he would kiss someone else.

Red long-sleeve top and blue jeans. 

Hot pink velour jacket and slim skirt with white top.  The jacket has six buttons on the front and three on each cuff.

Notice anything about these screenshots, taken just seconds apart? Hint: look at her necklace. 

 Love this Edith Head-esque look of Endora's! Had to include it.
Sam wears her green polka dot dress from episode 2, minus the coat. 

Dark green sheath and gold brooch from episode 13.

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