Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bewitched S3 E21: The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara

Air Date: February 2, 1967

Episode Description: Aunt Clara is out on trial before the Witches Council to decide if she should be earthbound. Aunt Clara asks Sam to defend her.

Sam's pretty lace slip nightgown again. In this shot you can see the lace on the hem. 

Pink shirt and light blue slacks. Sam wears these shoes quite a bit. She also has them in black. 

I absolutely love Sam's witch outfit. I would love to have a replica to wear for Halloween :)

Aunt Clara makes the entire Witches Council disappear when Darrin shows up unexpectedly and proves at the same time she's still "got it." I included it because it's a great shot of the living room.

Blue and white striped blouse and jeans.

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