Sunday, January 31, 2016

Carol Burnett Honored at SAG Awards

Carol Burnett was honored at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Last year's recipient was Debbie Reynolds, which I wrote about on Phyllis Loves Classic Movies.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is "bestowed for outstanding achievement in fostering the finest ideals of the acting profession." The past few years has seen this honor awarded to several big names in the Classic Television world: Betty White in 2009, Mary Tyler Moore in 2011, and Dick Van Dyke in 2012.

The hosts of this years SAG Awards were two women known for their comedic talent in television and in films today: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. You can watch Tina's tribute to Carol Burnett here and Amy's here. Burnett's acceptance speech is below.

Carol Burnett is a creative dynamo and a comedic genius.  She embodies the generosity and courage that the greatest actors use in creating enduring and memorable characters. From her heartbreakingly hilarious Starlet O’Hara to the adorably inept Eunice and alarmingly funny Miss Hannigan, Carol has delighted and inspired millions of viewers and thousands of comedic actors. She took risks as a performer and through her courage, encouraged fellow actors to try new things and always, always reach for the sky. Her innate love of actors led to the creation of an ensemble cast that made The Carol Burnett Show a masterpiece of variety programming.
 ~ Ken Howard, president of SAG-AFTRA

You can read more  about Burnett's career here.

Some of my favorite Carol Burnett skits:

Went With the Wind
Carol and Maggie Smith 1974
Part 1 of 2
 Part 2 of 2
Carol and cast play Sorry!

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